Tengeru Market


(PHOTO: Bananas for the Wednesday Tengeru market.)

What do you do on a down day in Arusha, Tanazania?

If it is a Wednesday (or Saturday) you head to the Tengeru market, about 10-15 kms east outside of town back towards the airport and Moshi.

Our only plan Wednesday was to meet our safari guide Laurent at 5pm at the hotel for a briefing, as our safari was starting Thursday morning. Because of our late arrival Tuesday, we planned Wednesday as a down day. We were up around 9am, breakfast at the hotel and then hired a taxi for the day (USD $60) to take us to Tengeru market and into Arusha for lunch.

Tengeru market is an open air market with part fresh food & spices, part housewares and part clothing. We would have not seen everything properly but were fortunate our driver Cheupe parked the car and walked with us through the market. Lots of bright colors & commerce.

We also went to the Blue Heron restaurant in Arusha for lunch. Noah was sick at the restaurant but luckily felt better after the episode.

Back at the hotel we met our safari guide Laurent “Lau” Richard Samila. Twenty-six and the oldest of three boys, Lau lives in Moshi with his girlfriend (a nurse) and their two year old son. He is an excellent guide, driver and photographer. Lau gave us the run down on the five days we would spend on safari. Lau would be back the next morning at 8am for our two plus hour drive to Tarangire National Park.

Tips & comments:

  • Bring a pair of really good binoculars for safari–we were lucky that Lau had ones we could use;
  • If you are taking photos bring a zoom lens. My lens is 28-135mm. It would have been nice to have a 200 or 300mm capability;
  • Having a GoPro is a lot of fun.

NEXT: Tarangire National Park

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