Tarangire Elephants

Over the next few days in Tarangire, Serengeti and Ngorongore parks we would see more elephants in three days than I had seen my entire lifetime. You see elephants mostly in groups, and you can see how they stand around and encircle the younger ones as a means of protection.

You also see solitary older males–once they lose their dominant status they spend the last 10-15 years alone. On our early morning in Ngorongoro Crater we can across a solitary, older massive male as the sun rose over the crater rim. You’ll have to wait a few more days for those pictures.

All of these pictures and videos are from Tarangire:

(PHOTO: This group was about 50-75 feet off the road.)

(PHOTO: Got an itch? Find a tree.)

(PHOTO: Or find a mud bath.)

(PHOTO: Huddled around the little one.)

(PHOTO: Papa bear.)

(VIDEO: Elephants cross the road.)

(VIDEO: Itch? Dirt works – around 0:49.)

(VIDEO: Elephants everywhere.)

(VIDEO: Elephants at the local watering hole.)

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