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Adweek November 4, 2013
How Agencies Are Retooling for the Automated Ad Buy
Q&A with Jay Sears, svp of marketplace development for the Rubicon Project By Sam Thielman
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Adweek November 4, 2013
5 Things You Need to Know About Programmatic [Video]
Rubicon Project’s Jay Sears has some essential advice
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Jack Myers October 24, 2013
Six Advertising Automation Trends for Buyers and Sellers (Trends for 2014)
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Agency Trading Desks: Automating Direct Orders?, our 5th Annual Update from the Buy-Side at Advertising Week, Thursday, September 26, 2013

Join Jay Sears, SVP, Rubicon Project, as he investigates if agency trading desks will be the ones to automate the remaining 80% of beyond the auction market — direct orders. What internal and external challenges do they face in advancing automation inside the holding company? Sears will curate a discussion with trading desk leaders from Accuen (Omnicom), Affiperf (Havas), MAGNA (Interpublic), VivaKi (Publicis) and Xaxis (WPP).  Introduction by media ecologist and chairman of Myers Media Business Network Jack Myers.
Jay Sears, SVP, Rubicon Project (@rubiconproject, @jaysears)
Michael Brunick, SVP, Programmatic, Magna Global, Interpublic (@MAGNAGLOBAL)
Paul Dolan, SVP, Global Business Development, Xaxis, WPP (@xaxistweets, @pjdinho)
Josh Jacobs, President, Accuen, Omnicom (@accuen, @ambientmarket)
Adam Kasper, Chief Media Officer, Havas Media North America (Affiperf), Havas (@HavasMediaUSA, @adamfkasper)
Kurt Unkel, President, VivaKi (AOD), Publicis (@VivaKi, @KurtUnkel)
Event Hash Tag #AdTechSuccess

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AdExchanger: Trading Desk Bosses Project 2015 Automated Ad Spend, Declare War On Site Lists September 27, 2013

AdAge: Five Over-Hyped Trends Took Big Hits During Advertising Week September 27, 2013

AdAge: Media Agency Execs on Trading Desks: We’re Dealing With Fewer Sellers Advertising Week Panel Also Has Fun With Word Association September 27, 2013

Beet.TV (video): Programmatic Revolution will Create a “Tale of Two Cities” Among Publishers, Warns Rubicon’s Jay Sears September 29, 2013

Adweek: Programmatic Still Small Potatoes at Most Agencies Only 5 cents per dollar spent, but hope is for big volume soon September 26, 2013

Mediapost: Which CEO Would You Want To Be Stuck On A Desert Island With? September 6, 2013

Interviews with Global Trading Desk Heads, Fall 2013 Agency Trading Desks: Automating Direct Orders? Questions & Answers with Kurt Unkel, Global President, VivaKi Audience on Demand September 23, 2013 Agency Trading Desks: Automating Direct Orders? Questions & Answers with Josh Jacobs of Accuen Media September 20, 2013 Agency Trading Desks: Automating Direct Orders? Questions & Answers with Adam Kasper of Havas Media, North America September 18, 2013 Agency Trading Desks: Automating Direct Orders? Questions & Answers with Michael Brunick of Magna Global September 16, 2013 Agency Trading Desks: Automating Direct Orders? Questions & Answers with Paul Dolan of Xaxis September 11, 2013

Automate the Rest of It: Trading Desk Sea Side Panel and Party, Wednesday, June 19, 2013
The buying and selling of digital advertising is becoming increasingly automated around the world. Agencies and their advertisers are aiming for more effective campaigns, while publishers seek to drive more revenue and reduce operational costs. In Cannes this year, Rubicon Project is hosting a buy side panel at Le Rooftop featuring:
– Brian Lesser, CEO, Xaxis
– Kurt Unkel, President, Vivaki AOD
– Dominique Delport, Global MD, Havas
– Josh Jacobs, Global CEO, Accuen Media
– Michael Brunick, SVP, Programmatic, Magna Global
– Moderator: Jay Sears, GM Revv Buyer, Rubicon Project

Write-up from USA Today From Cannes: Automated ad selling’s future

Write-up from AdExchanger Trading Desks Go Global And Embed at Media Agencies

Sea side agency trading desk panel #CannesLions

 Jay Sears, GM Revv Buyer, Rubicon Project; Dominique Delport, Global MD, Havas; Brian Lesser, CEO, Xaxis; Josh Jacobs, Global CEO, Accuen Media; Kurt Unkel, President, Vivaki AOD; Michael Brunick, SVP, Programmatic, Magna Global

Advertising Week Europe – Agency Trading Desks: Guaranteed Delivery? – The 1st Annual Real Time Trading Update from Europe’s Buy Side, Thursday, March 21, 2013
Moderator: Jay Sears SVP Demand North America, THE RUBICON PROJECT
Sandy Hubert Head of Cadreon UK, Cadreon, INTERPUBLIC
Marco Bertozzi Executive Managing Director EMEA, VivaKi, PUBLICIS
Caspar Schlickum Managing Director EMEA, Xaxis, WPP
Dirk Fiebig Operations Director EMEA, AMNET

Agency Trading Desks Guaranteed Delivery -The… by advertisingweek

Advertising Week Europe: #AWEurope Q&A: Xaxis MD for EMEA Caspar Schlickum March 18, 2013

Advertising Week Europe: #AWEurope Q&A: AMNET Operations Director EMEA Dirk Fiebig March 18, 2013

Advertising Week Europe: #AWEurope Q&A: Marco Bertozzi, Exec MD EMEA VivaKi March 19, 2013

Advertising Week Europe: #AWEurope Q&A: Sandy Hubert, Head of Cadreon UK March 20, 2013

Rubicon Project Summit, Wednesday, February 20, 2013
Jay Sears (@JaySears), GM Order Automation, Rubicon Project
Bradley Rogers, Managing Director at Neo@Ogivly
Carl Fremont, EVP, Media Director, Digitas (@Digitas)

Needham Growth Conference, Wednesday, January 16, 2013
Company presentation of the Rubicon project

Raymond James 2013 Internet Outlook Symposium, Monday, January 14, 2013
Ad Technologies: Learn which technologies are changing the advertising ecosystem and how are technologies adapting for a more mobile world. Moderated by Aaron Kessler, Senior Research Analyst, Internet and Shyam Patil. Panelists: Collective Media: Aman Verjee, Chief Financial Officer; Rocket Fuel: Peter Bardwick, Chief Financial Officer; Rubicon Project: Jay Sears, SVP of Demand; Core Audience: Adam Lavelle, Chief Executive Officer.
See Raymond James write-up.

AdAge Byline January 3, 2013
How the Real-Time Ad Market Grows From $2 Billion to $9 Billion: ‘Programmatic Guaranteed’ Will Mean RTB Gets Upfront Ad Budgets
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